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Office is just a title from the past. Your office should be where you are. Work from anywhere anytime and from any device without compromising performance and productivity. Clouddesk allows you to take your office to the future where you are not attached to a location. Flexible secure and reliable service that adjusts to your life stile. Introducing the new way to work collaborate and control. Next generation cloud computing.

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LogixPro is the ideal tool for learning the fundamentals of ladder logic programming. The look, feel and operation of LogixPro's ladder rung editor so closely mimics Rockwell's world renown PLC editing software.


Mastercam delivers CAD/CAM software tools for all types of programming, from the most basic to the extremely complex. 2-axis machining, multiaxis milling and turning, wire EDM, router applications, free-form artistic modeling and cutting, 3D design, drafting, surface and solid modeling – whatever your machining needs, there is a Mastercam product for your budget and application.

Electronics Challenges

Basic Circuits Challenge consists of a set of activities to help with electrical concepts. Exercise Titles: Electric Ideas, Electrical Components, Powers of Ten, Color Codes, Ohm's Law One, Ohm's Law Two, Power One, Power Two, Series Voltage Sources, Series Circuits One, Series Circuits Two, Parallel Circuits One, Parallel Circuits Two, Series Parallel Circuits One and Series Parallel Circuits Two.


NCSIMUL Machine is a high end CNC simulation software for G-code verification, machine simulation and toolpath optimization. It detects NC programming errors and any potential collisions from the same NC code that drives the CNC machine.

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